A knowledgebase of glycoproteins spanning protein, glycosite and glycan information

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GlyConnect data can be browsed to get an overview of the relationships between different data types. The Browser supports answering questions such as: Which glycoproteins can be explored in a specific species? In which tissue(s) has a glycan structure been reported? What are the known glycan structures associated with a disease? This resource complies with the recommendations of the SNFG nomenclature for the representation of glycans.

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Covid 19
O-linked monosaccharides
Human milk oligosaccharides
Human immunoglobulins

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We provide users with two distinct options to interact with our data: a RESTful API, adhering to the principles of Representational State Transfer (REST), and a SPARQL API designed for querying and manipulating RDF-formatted data. This dual-API approach addresses diverse user preferences, offering simplicity and scalability through REST, and expressive semantic data querying via SPARQL.